Why do you need to have a Facebook Fan Page?

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Why does my Business need a Facebook Fan Page?

To Build Consumer Brand Loyalty

A Facebook Page is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise online and build brand loyalty.

Small businesses actually benefit the most from Facebook Fan Pages because they can target consumers in their local area. Retailers can actually target potential new consumers by also pin-pointing other locations where potential new consumers could be acquired from. New customer acquisition can be tough for a business. Facebook gives you the opportunity to advertise to these local consumers and connect with them on their mobile phones.

A small business offers products and services to a smaller radius of consumers. Facebook gives you access to your local customers for a fraction of the cost that you normally pay with traditional advertising.

What if your Competitors Already Have A Facebook Fan Page?

There is a reason that 30 million businesses have Facebook Fan Pages. Is your business one of them? You will be giving your customers a valuable entry point into your business. Consumer shopping habits have changed and the majority of consumers are now shopping from their mobile phones. Welcome to the Age ofMobile Commerce.



Will I Receive any ROI (Return On Investment)?

Here is a great case study that outlines Facebook Fan Page Community Growth leading to an increase in Revenue. Yes you can make money from your Facebook Fan Page.


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Here is a Brand Case Study for the Retail Jewelry Industry:

Click Here to see the Entire Case Study: https://www.facebook.com/business/success/verragio

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