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Social Customer Support Service is a new way of marketing to a much more educated consumer. It is the simplest way to keep in touchy with your clients on a continuous basis. It is also an inexpensive way to market and sell to your customers without having to spend your marketing dollars.

Engaging your clients and becoming social with them is an important part of your new Traditional Business Model Integration of Online Customer Service. A business now has to respond to their comments, price questions, complaints etc. Creating your Social Customer Support Service responses should be a voice for your Brand. This will evangelize your clients into a marketing referrals for your business through social media content sharing.

Find Your Customers- Ask your clients what Social Networks they are using to look for products to shop online with. A lot of Business Owners find that their clients love to share with them what Social Networks they are on.

Build Your Social Networks- We tell our clients that starting with one Social Network is better than none. Setting up multiple social networks is fine if you are going to create and publish content that looks professional.

Create Professional Content- Making sure that your content looks professional online is essential to selling products online. The difference between a sales conversion and a cart abandonment, could be something as simple as the quality of your product photography.


Another Great Article to read is, “Let’s Talk E-Commerce: Instant Messaging And Your Sales Team.” Here is an excerpt below that discusses the importance of Instant Messaging.

Dont Forget to Check Your Messages! Instant Messaging and making sales through your online channels is going to be more frequently happening to jewelers, now that they are investing in ppc (pay per click) campaigns.

Instant Messaging is when you send a message to a business on Facebook, for example. You can also instant message on Linkedin and Instagram. There are also chat apps, which are gaining in popularity today. Currently the four most popular are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, QQ Mobile and We Chat, (from this Statista page). More on messaging apps here.

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