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What is a Search Engine Submission?

A search engine submission is how a webmaster submits a website directly to a search engine. Source: Wikipedia.

Is it Worth Making The Search Engine Submission?

The simple answer is yes – search engine submission is necessary because it will help your web url’s search engine results. Most search engines nowadays (most notably Google) will index and crawl pages by following the links that were posted. A single inbound link from any already-indexed page will be identified as your page to the search engines. That is definitely what you want.

Search Engine Submission Tools:

Here is a quick link to submit a url to Google: Google URL Submission

Here is a quick link to submit your sitemap to using GoogleWebmaster Tools

Here is a quick link to submit your sitemap to Bing using Bing Webmaster Tools

What Is Inbound Linking?

An inbound link is a link coming from another site to your own website. “Inbound” is generally used by the person receiving the link.

Source: Hubspot

What Are Outbound Links?

Outbound links are links from your website to another website. The link to Dharmesh’s blog we talked about earlier is an outbound link on HubSpot’s blog, and an inbound link on Dharmesh’s blog.

Source: Hubspot

What Are Internal Links?

Internal links are links on a certain website or blog post that links to another page on that same website.

Source: Hubspot

Linking is very important. In fact, it may be the most important aspect of SEO. If the optimized content is relevant, and engaging, then that will trigger social sharing, linking, retweets, etc. This is the basis for the Google PageRank algorithm and how these searches become relevant to rank with Google in the search engines.

“You want the answer, not trillions of webpages. Algorithms are computer programs that look for clues to give you back exactly what you want.” – Google



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